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Help us provide education, health, and social care for the socially vulnerable and deprived in the Cape Coast Metropolis. 

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our services

our services


Everyone is welcomed to participate in Volunteer with Ghana Organisation programs. All specialties and backgrounds can join our programs and projects. We provide you with a totally different experience from what you are used to. ​


Travel around the country to experience, feel and understand the Ghanaian culture through site attractions, festivals, dance, communities, food, clothing, etc. Tours will be organised per the volunteer’s time of stay in the country.​

get involved where it matters

We provide volunteers with the opportunity to work within a convenient environment, grasp the various work-lives in developing our communities in Cape Coast and Ghana as a whole.

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Everyone is welcomed to participate in our programs. All specialties and backgrounds can join our programs and projects.

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The work is exciting, challenging and rewarding. It provides you the opportunity to experience a new country, meet new people, travel, make an impact and learn new skills.

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hope is everything

In line with our vision to improve the lives of people and promote community development, we use constant professionalism, innovation and quality delivery methods to achieve our goals effectively and efficiently.

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From finding the right project for your skills and interests to booking your tickets and applying for your visa, we’ll be right by your side to answer any questions.

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type of projects we offer


Volunteers support the children in their daily needs at the orphanage, helping them in their studies and guiding them. Volunteers will act as staff support to help the local staff with daily tasks. 


Your experience with the hospital will be educative, challenging, convenient and affordable. Learning opportunities are diverse therefore we provide the learning goals with guidance. 

public health

Volunteers are provided with the opportunities to educate schools, orphanages, communities, churches, etc. within the Cape Coast Metropolis on health related topics. 

social welfare

Working with the Deparments of Social Welfare and Community Development will enhance your ability to understand social issues related in the Ghanaian society.


Volunteers will co-teach with Ghanaian professional teachers, learn the Ghanaian education system, the syllabus, educate and teach children within the strength of the volunteer. 

discover ghana like a local

As the saying goes “all work and no play…” thus we at Volunteer with Ghana Foundation believe in travel, learn and impact. 

With our travel tours, we aim to help create awareness, encourage and empower the preservation of natural resources and help develop local communities to promote Ghana.